What Is Garlic, What is Chilli Pepper And What Is Ginger?



Scientific name:Allium sativum Linn.


Vernacular name: Kra-thiam

Garlic has long been recognized all over the world as a valuable condiment or foods, and a popular remedy medicine for various ailments and physiological disorders. It is hardy bulbous perennial with narrow flat leaves, and bears small white umbel of edible flowers and bulbils. Kra thiam clustered made up of several bulblets called cloves enclosed in a papery white or pinkish sheath. Garilec is used practically all over the world for flavouring various dishes. Garlic is used practically all over the world for flavouring various dishes. Fresh garlic is used in several food preparation in Thailand. Fried Garlic in oil is the most popular for seasoning in Thai dishes. Raw garlic can be used in the manufacture of garlic powder packed into capsules. Garlic purifies the blood, helps control acne, and reduces blood pressure, cholesterol, and clotting. Garlic clears catarrh, thus providing treatment for colds, bronchitis, pulmonary tuberculosis, and whooping cough.

The dried, mature bulbs are popular condiment in Thai cuisine. Garlic is used in numerous Thai dishes where is serves as a flavouring as well as preservative. Thinly-sliced garlic, fried to a crisp golden brown colour, is used to garnish savoury Thai dishes.


Chilli Pepper

Chilli Pepper

Scientific name:Capsicum annum L.


Vernacular name:Prik.

Chillies grow in all parts of the tropics, usually grows to 30 cm-1 m (1-3 ft) high. There are many varieties of Chillies, varying in shape, colour, size and pungency of fruits Generally, the large, round, fleshy varieties are milder than the small, thinskinned, pointed types. They are used ripe, when they may be red, orange, yellow or purple, and unripe, when they are green. Ripe chillies are available dried, crushed, fladed and ground. Dry chillies is extensively used as a spice in all types of curry dishes. Fresh chillies are rich in vitamin C, they help in the digestion of starchy foods and may be taken as a tonic. In large does, chillies may cause stomach and intestinal burns.




Scientific name:Zingiber officinale Rosc.


Vernacular name:Khing.

One of the oldest and most important spices is now widely grown. The fresh rhizome is knobbly, off-white of buff-coloured and often branched. The pale yellow flesh should not be too fibrous. The ginger plant grows up to 1 m on partly shaped sloped. It has narrow pointed leaves and small yellow, purple-lipped flowers. The hard, knobbly rhizome is about 2 cm in diameter. Rhizomes are used fresh or preserved. Ginger’s flavour is hot and slightly biting. In cooking ginger is mostly used fresh. It is an essential ingredient of curry powder and other spice lends, and is found in gingerbread, biscuits, cakes, puddings, pickles and many Asian vegetable dishes. It is widely used in medicine as a digestive aid. Ginger tea made by infusing dried or fresh rhizome in boiling water for five minutes. It is a warming drink and thought to improve the circulation.

An erect plant with thickened, fleshy and very aromatic rhizome. The stem is 0.4 to 1 metre high with long and narrow leaves arranged alternately in two ranks along the stem. The inflorescence is cone-shaped, borne on a long stalk which emerges from the underground stem. Individual flowers are greenish-yellow with a small dark purple tip. The rhizomes differ in shape and size in the different cultivars.

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