How to Explain an Allergy?

How to Explain an Allergy?
There are so many people talking about allergies and what they are.  Just what are allergies and what causes them is what many have on their mind.  Some people get them and others do not, why is this?  And another question is why are people with one allergy easily more inclined to have others too?  

The immune system is going to be set up to protect our body from the harmful substances that try to enter.  Like viruses and other forms of bacteria, which will include dirt and germs, there are going to be allergic reactions.  Sometimes the immune system will not develop right or it is just too sensitive and does not react the way that it should.

In these cases, it will react to the things that are not harmful and that do not cause people any problems.  These are going to be called allergens and they are going to be something that causes the allergies to happen.

When the people that are sensitive to things or have an immune system that is not developed properly it will send out chemicals like histamine.  This histamine is going to cause the symptoms that are common with the allergies.

Symptoms like itching, watery eyes, runny nose and rashes and hives are going to be different for all people.  However the causes are all going to be the same.  

The symptoms that are displayed will depend on the part of the body that the allergen is going to have contact with.  Allergens are going to be taken in by breathing, like in pollen and or dust.  This will cause coughing and wheezing, stuffy or runny nose and an itchy throat.  

The plant allergies are going to come in contact with the skin so this will cause a rash.  

The food allergies that many have may result in nausea, vomiting, stomach pains and many more problems.  Some will even have life threatening symptoms as well.  The medication allergies that many deal with may also involve the entire body and there are a number of symptoms that will come along with this type of allergy. 

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