Insulin Effect in Body Building


Insulin Effect in Body Building

Insulin is a natural hormone that is secreted from the pancreas in response to high sugar levels.  Its main use is to regular sugar levels in the body.  The use of insulin in body building is a controversial subject as using it is constituted as steroid use and it is used to enhance a body building workout.

When blood sugar levels are high, insulin works to increase the storage of glucose which provides energy to the body.  The benefit of insulin use in body building is to provide more energy which allows for longer and more intense workouts.  While insulin does make for a conducive anabolic environment in the body, it can truly do more harm than good.

Diabetics are not able to produce their own insulin which is why they must either take synthetic insulin or control their insulin production through diet.  If you are not a diabetic, taking insulin when you don’’t need it will cause your pancreas to stop producing it naturally.  What is the end result of that?  You will essentially become a diabetic.

Unfortunately, in the body building world, insulin is readily available if you just ask for it.  It is taken in the form of a shot once a day and is often used to “bulk up” before body building competitions by hardcore body builders.

The insulin will “force feed” the muscles with sugar.  An increase in sugar will allow for longer workout time before you are exhausted, but it will also cause harm to your natural insulin producing abilities.

We do not in any way endorse the use of any artificial substances in your body building program.  You should strive for a healthy body when you start working out.  Introducing substances like insulin into your body in amounts that your body can’t take will do more harm than good.

For a diabetic, insulin use is necessary.  It saves their lives and allows them to live a normal lifestyle with their disease.  When insulin is used in body building, serious complications can arise that can affect your ability to even continue in this sport that you probably love.  You shouldn’’t take chances with your health – no matter what your body building goals are.

Insulin use in body building can lead to some serious health problems including coma, elevated blood pressure, and an increase in your respiratory rate.  When you use insulin as a body building supplement, you are seriously risking your health and well-being.

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