What Is Fluid Pneumonia?

What Is Pneumonia Fluid?

Pneumonia, is when the lungs fill with fluid, and in turn prevent oxygen from reaching the bloodstream. This is a medical condition that can have result from several diseases where the tiny, air-filled cases in the lung, which are responsible for absorbing oxygen from the air, are filled with fluid. Many different types of pneumonia exist. The most commonly types are results of a bacterial infection of the lung. Several other things can cause pneumonia, such as viruses, fungi, and parasites. Another type of pneumonia occurs as a result of chemical or physical irritation to the lungs.

A common sickness, pneumonia, occurs basically evenly among all age groups. Caused by infection in most cases, pneumonia, will often cause difficulty breathing, coughs, fevers, and chest pains. Antibiotic Medication is normally used to treat pneumonia when it has been caused by an infection.

Victims of pneumonia will often have a cough that produces green/yellow sputum. This is one of the leading symptoms of pneumonia as well as a high fever followed by shaking chills. Pneumonia is usually diagnosed by health care providers observations on a patient’s symptoms and discoveries from various physical examinations. Pneumonia diagnoses can be difficult for some people. This is especially true for those who have other illnesses at the time of examination. Often times physical examination by a health provider may reveal low amount of oxygen in the blood, low blood pressure, an increased respiratory rate, low body temperature, a fast heart rate, or a fever.

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