What You Need To Know About Vulvovaginitis?

What You Need To Know About Vulvovaginitis?

 What Is vulvovaginitis?

 Women often face infection and inflammation of the vulva and vagina which is known as vulvovaginitis. This disease is uncomfortable but it could be easily treated. The common symptoms include itching, irritation or pain in the external genital area and pain in the vagina during intercourse. This vaginal discharge is heavier than usual and is discolored and has an unpleasant odor.

Healthy vaginal discharge is made up of aging cells that cast off from your vaginal walls, secretions from the cervix that help to protect the uterus from infection and aid in fertility and other chemicals produced by vaginal bacteria and fungi.

There could be some changes in the vaginal discharge that could be normal and bear no relation to any possible infection. These changes are governed by the menstrual cycle and shifting hormonal patterns of puberty and menopause.

Very high levels of sexual hormones are necessary to produce vaginal discharge and therefore during childhood and menopause when hormone levels are very low, this discharge is minimal.  During the reproductive years, your discharge changes in response to your monthly cycle. And as your hormone level drops after menstrual period, it becomes lighter. When new eggs begin to develop in the ovaries, the level of estrogen and progesterone increases and this leads to a white cream color discharge. At the time of ovulation this discharge changes abruptly and becomes transparent and stretchy like egg white.

How to keep away from such infections?

Various microscopic organs live in an acidic environment that prevents overproduction of any species and repel foreign invaders. Factors that worsen this balance include sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, menopause and chronic illness such as emotional stress and clothing that holds in body heat and moisture.

You should take good care of yours and have healthy, varied diet and maintain proper weight. You need to reduce stress through exercise, meditation and other activities that relieves tension.

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